Cisco Networking Academy Tip

Over the summer I realized we can sign up as Alumni to the Cisco Networking Academy, now that we have finished a couple modules. The benefit of doing so is that you get access to all four of the Cisco modules. This gives you a chance to read ahead, as well as allowing you to review the previous terms content.

VLSM Method: Crossing The Dot

I have added a version of the VLSM Method that explains how to do VLSM when you cross the dot into the third octet. You will run into this when you are doing VLSM on a CIDR network, such as a /20.

Cisco Hands On Training Podcast

Cisco Hands On Training is a video podcast all about configuring Cisco routers. Each podcast covers a different topic: RIP, RIPv2, OSPF, etc. Most of the time the video is of Darrel’s Terminal window as he configures the routers, and explains what he is doing.

Safari Books Online

  • Safari Books Online is a great resource for networking information. The site doesn't just cover networking topics, there is information on wide variety of technology topics: Database Administration, Windows Server, Linux / Unix, Hardware, etc.

  • If you are a Fanshawe student we have access to Safari Books Online through Fanshawe's Virtual Library. There are more options available to you if you have your own membership, but the free version is still a great resource.

  • If you are on campus the site will open up automatically, if you are off campus you will need to sign in with your student number.

For Starters

  • I have started a VLSM page, and I have added a link to a site that generates subnetting questions. The questions repeat after a while, but it is great practice.

  • I enrolled in the Computer Systems Technology program at Fanshawe College in September 2009. I am going to use this site as a place to gather information that has helped me understand the networking component.